Sunday, November 7, 2010

zombied out

Yesterday, I was really EXHAUSTED. let me tell you why.

Parents were here for the weekends/Deepavali holidays. Brothers were here too. And tell me about missing them now.

I wanted them to have fun till it lasts. Mama wanted to shop for her still-under-construction house. Papa wanted to play golf. Brothers wanted to play XBOX. Sister wants some steak and I wanted to plan on a wedding.

All of us practically achieved it all despite the blinking tank of energy. Do you get me?

They arrived late Friday noon and we chose to meet up at Pavilion. I forgot the fact on the MIFW madness hence affecting traffic around the parking lots. Therefore, valet it is. why waste so much time and energy and petrol when it’s just equivalent to the price you pay for valet parking?

Being tired after rounds of washing and cleaning (family sleeping over my sweet lil apartment) there was some shopping around with mom. In heels. i just had to. At first i thought of getting something for myself courtesy of mom but it just stopped me since i need to be more focused on my wedding then my constant wants than needs purchase (a better way to call shopping, right?) Thankfully, Mr. Fiancé was there so i needn’t have to cut myself into two in order to be at two places. He followed Papa and i followed mama.

Saturday was another hectic day. I started my day off waking up at 6am to send Papa to KGSAAS for his golf tournament with HRH Raja Perlis. Chauffeuring early morning was not a great idea. I returned home with lemongrass, eggs and pandan leaves for a good ol nasi lemak. Mama was so kind to clean a little bit of my blackened ceiling fans. It really surprised me since all the cleanings in our Penang house is all done by Kakak (my maid). By 11 we moved to our plan that day. Wedding dress hunting.

I was grateful for my cousin Tina for sharing such info on a wedding exhibition located at SACC, Shah Alam. It was really resourceful. I found my dress-maker there too. Love at first sight, I’m telling you! It was the dress I’ve always point out to my fiancé. Beautiful and reasonable and comes in a good package. Problem was, Papa’s approval. The dress, the price. So after lunch, we came by again and he swiped off the deposit. I love you Papa. Thank you for the beautiful dress. Alhamdulillah, with the financial help, I have a great dress maker. Mama and Aunty Nor, thank you for convincing him too.


Okay, one point ticked. Hundreds to go.

So when the wedding department is settled. Yes, it’s just one part of it but, at least.

We later went to Carat Club (now known as Suen), Bangsar. I’ll blog again on the name. Mr. Fiancé wanted to check on our ring designs and confirm our purchase. I’ll always fall in love with the ring designs. Mama was excited too. She tried on an RM100k bracelet and I tried on a RM54k ring. Beautiful. The design was stunning. It looked beautiful on my ring finger. Mr. Fiancé and Papa agreed too. But if it was RM5400, then it’s a maybe purchase, right sayang? The joy of trying expensive jewelleries just lit me up. Even it was obviously out of our radar let alone mine. Once Mr. Fiance confirmed his purchase we moved on to our next destination.

Another point ticked. Thank you in advance for the wonderful gift. I’m not talking about the ring. It’s you and the journey we’re walking. Thank you. (I know i’m rather corny and cheesy but i just can’t help myself for being grateful, sorry girls)

We toured the area where mr hubby & wifey to be will reside. Alam Budiman, Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam. Sadly, Papa does not really approve the location since it’s further from workplace and the area is really far. But he agreed with me on the lovely setting of the house. There’s so many what-ifs. So, I’ll need to scout for home. Again.


We visited In-Laws –To-be and then to find for Mama’s new bed. Believe it or not, if i’m a car i’d be screaming for more petrol and i almost dozed off to wonderland there but Mama was still full of fuel. Goodness, what kept her going? The excitement of shopping unlimitedly? Maybe. Later that night, both Mama and Aunty Nor still had the extra energy to keep on gossiping and chit-chattering. I was as “lembik as a sotong”. They could just talk about my wedding preps on and on and in between i just slept beautifully.

Yesterday was another day.

Mama wanted to get Papa’s approval on her pick of bedroom furnitures. After super-delicious breakfast at DMango we headed to the furniture mall again. And Mama was just like me. So gleefully happy she got her dream bed!

Mama, now, we’re two happy girls. Oh, Elly got her steak too. That makes us three happy Zubir girls.

My family left after that. I can’t lie that i cried. I’ll miss them but i’ve got things to do here. It’s what i chose and i can’t turn back, unless. I don’t call it ego but others would.

So last nite i zombied out. Panda-eyed, I’m here at work but i had my beauty sleep and i can’t stop smiling til today.