Tuesday, December 21, 2010

designer dresses

after the long awaited review on wedding dresses, here i am sharing bits and parcels of my headaches on finding the perfect dress-maker.

my first meet with designer no.1 was all good, nothing was wrong but the price.
so if you've a whole budget and loves to have a masterpiece, please do it with him. he's the rising star and who wouldn't love a masterpiece? i do!

at some point, finding more designers to quote you the best price with the best design was torturing. i almost gave up and then, with the help of my wedding entourage (W.E), WE made it!

second i met with lovely sister designers. their classy pastel dresses made my jaw ache in awe. pretty pastels were my color (i tell that often but i just love striking, dark colors too) and practically it suits the mood.


getting to know the two stylo yet modest girls, i'm beyond words could say. They're friendly and jenis layaaaannn je. WE tried on dresses asked for a lot of things, pendek kata banyak songeh tapi dorang layan jugak. And this people are not the type yang sombong and stuck up and pandang semacam whatsoever. WE and I love this place. Plus WE would be hiring them for their attire too. That includes mother, and future in laws too. Wow! besides, i'm just in love with all of the dresses there!

the third one was a designer in the rise. but never judge a book by its cover
The first time we saw him, he seemed careless of me. Buat tak tau and all. And dalam hati dah nak mula maki hamun la kan? But it was not totally his fault, i was 15 mins late, and he had another client before me so whatever la. It took almost another 15-20mins when he got his pen and paper and shook my hands and smiled. Kat situ i cair uolls. I mean, he was precious. Baik gilers. We talked and discussed on how i viewed my dress to be, and he sketched a pretty dress. Then while talking and gossiping he drew another. Cepatnye die ni kan? And then we were given this tour around his new shop and wow i am really loving the interior. Cantek sgt ok!

Then, i being me, being fickle, pening bagai nak gile la pilih yg mane idaman hati. And then, a new masterpiece of his were born. BEAUTIFUL (well, at least to me). I fell in love and i want to wear that for my wedding.

Thanks to all those beautiful souls who'll make great dresses and to my WE, you guys are beyond beautiful

please note, names for these designers may or may not be published later on after the wedding so if you want to share, please note that i won't just so i would further comment on their end product. What's the point promoting at an early stage right?