Friday, September 23, 2011


I was doing my routine blog-hopping and found this on murni's blog. It's a straightforward 20 question quiz about you and your online habits and when you're done, it will generate a significant mosaic of your web life. You can click on the things on your mosaic to get an in-depth look of your web habits.

My webified life is the mosaic pictured above. It's rather truthful except for one or two little things (I'm definitely not in the USA and im not energy bar junky, maybe the choc part!) but all in all, I still say take the quiz just for fun!

Here's a little something about the things in my mosaic signify:

Pop Magazine

Why, look at you. Clearly, you bear the mark of The Fierce. You know what's hot, but rock your own style, and can dance on that fine line that separates dandy from dowdy.


You reach into your past and explore the history that made you what you are. The letters, photos and mementos of the past are a mirror — they reflect the hopes and dreams that became today.


It's just a matter of time — to you that's not a dismissive phrase, because you know how important it is to stick to a schedule. Precise and reliable, you appreciate the reassuring tick of a well-run machine

Energy Bar

Energy, nutrition, health — those are the things you value. It's good that you also like chocolate, otherwise you'd be too boring to be anointed with the EnergyBar — a sophisticated melange of sporting intentions wrapped in a candy-like execution.

Friendship Pin

The Friendship Pin — an unbreakable bond between you and your BFF. It shows you are loyal, willing to wear your love on your sleeve (or sneaker).

Chrome Rock

Howdy Chrome user! Glad you came by to check out our shiny new browser. Give Firefox 4 a shot; you'll like life in the faster lane. Until then, here's a nice chrome stone just for you.

Statue of Liberty

Quick: look out your window. Any purple mountains' majesty? Amber waves of grain? We wouldn't be surprised, because you're in the U-S-A!

Disguise Mask

Internet Ninja! You leave no trace of your travels, online or off.


Wield the tools to make it yours, for you are unique — and your browser can reflect that.

Transit Pass

The symbol of travel, of paths taken and untaken, of sleeping upright in a middle seat. You are The Traveler.

Silly Band

You have a bright outlook, flexible attitude, and a kooky sense of aesthetics. You're probably the type of person that appreciates the use of the word 'kooky'.

That was my webify-d , how bout yours?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Honeymooning? What does it really mean? Going on a holiday with your husband/wife you just wed? Is there actually a guideline? Should it be domestic? Or should we go overseas?

Somehow i find most people race to have the greatest honeymoon destination. Well, seriously if i had the fund, i'll go around the world like Prince William and Kate. Or what if i go to North Pole, i be tno on would go there right?

After my wedding, i did go on a honeymoon (with 10 others that is) to Cameron Highlands. The last time i went there was probably 10 years ago or more with my parents. And going there again with a new family sure could be a joy (or not, depends). In my case it was rather on the positive side. FIL got us 2units of apartment and it was huge! 3 rooms a living room and a kitchen we made dinner with our harvest which were mostly green.

Our trip to Cameron were mostly filled with Strawberry picking, shopping for more vegs and fruits. There were great picks like homemade jams too. And we visited the Museum which i find amusing. We also went and visit the Boh Plantation. And (let me be a bit bimbo-ish here) but omigad its so breathtaking. Please go there early in the morning cos its just serene! Food there is too good and with the surroundings and all, man i didn't wanna go back!

Seriously if you haven't been to Cameron in your life, please do because some gems are just hidden up there.

And now since 6 months ago, S and i are planning on a real honeymoon. Wait, honeymoon can be just anytime after the wedding right (be it immediate or not)? And now we're kinda torn with the destination.

There's Europe, which is wayyyyyy out of the budget as we're looking at probably RM25k budget as i'd like to show hubs where i've been before and perhaps to Scotland, Holland, Italy, France, Barcelona, and etc. Aussie, probably i'd need about RM10-15k. If i plan for Umrah RM12-15k. What if i go Bali? That might be about RM5-8k? Phuket should be RM3-5k. But I'd like to go to Universal Studios in Singapore too... and that'd be about RM3-5k.


Yes it's a HUGE budget because I'm just being cautious in case i go mad, shopping wise and i'd like to be comfortable accommodation and transportation-wise.

But back too reality, i've a small fund for honeymoon as there a dozen other things i've to put forward like baking classes, a new house, a new ride, a new project. You know? Maybe i should do a write-up on the reality world after a grandeur wedding. Then i might be able to help tame those bridezillas.

Ok let me start calculate or google-ing on my next budget honeymoon destination. Or start on a new saving for travelling!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dusty dusty

its been awhile, right?
come lets start counting? half year!
dont blame me. c'mon blame my lazy me for not having enough time, internet connection and being really caught up being a bride (then) and wife (now)
i never knew being a wife was like having a fulltime job that you've signed up and cant resign as you like. you took the job cos you love the boss and how are you to let that go?
okay.. im here to announce my comeback in this blogging industry.
i plan to share on my past wedding preps, my daily rumbles, and i might share recipes to share with u girls (and guys), my crazy cravings for good food, and reviews on spa, shoppings, mani pedi and whatever u get on the cheap coupons. what else? i have a few upcoming projects and seriously im kinda liking my fulltime housewife position BUT i think it wont be long till i found my real forte.
so here's for now, HELLO again!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

designer dresses

after the long awaited review on wedding dresses, here i am sharing bits and parcels of my headaches on finding the perfect dress-maker.

my first meet with designer no.1 was all good, nothing was wrong but the price.
so if you've a whole budget and loves to have a masterpiece, please do it with him. he's the rising star and who wouldn't love a masterpiece? i do!

at some point, finding more designers to quote you the best price with the best design was torturing. i almost gave up and then, with the help of my wedding entourage (W.E), WE made it!

second i met with lovely sister designers. their classy pastel dresses made my jaw ache in awe. pretty pastels were my color (i tell that often but i just love striking, dark colors too) and practically it suits the mood.


getting to know the two stylo yet modest girls, i'm beyond words could say. They're friendly and jenis layaaaannn je. WE tried on dresses asked for a lot of things, pendek kata banyak songeh tapi dorang layan jugak. And this people are not the type yang sombong and stuck up and pandang semacam whatsoever. WE and I love this place. Plus WE would be hiring them for their attire too. That includes mother, and future in laws too. Wow! besides, i'm just in love with all of the dresses there!

the third one was a designer in the rise. but never judge a book by its cover
The first time we saw him, he seemed careless of me. Buat tak tau and all. And dalam hati dah nak mula maki hamun la kan? But it was not totally his fault, i was 15 mins late, and he had another client before me so whatever la. It took almost another 15-20mins when he got his pen and paper and shook my hands and smiled. Kat situ i cair uolls. I mean, he was precious. Baik gilers. We talked and discussed on how i viewed my dress to be, and he sketched a pretty dress. Then while talking and gossiping he drew another. Cepatnye die ni kan? And then we were given this tour around his new shop and wow i am really loving the interior. Cantek sgt ok!

Then, i being me, being fickle, pening bagai nak gile la pilih yg mane idaman hati. And then, a new masterpiece of his were born. BEAUTIFUL (well, at least to me). I fell in love and i want to wear that for my wedding.

Thanks to all those beautiful souls who'll make great dresses and to my WE, you guys are beyond beautiful

please note, names for these designers may or may not be published later on after the wedding so if you want to share, please note that i won't just so i would further comment on their end product. What's the point promoting at an early stage right?



Sunday, November 7, 2010

zombied out

Yesterday, I was really EXHAUSTED. let me tell you why.

Parents were here for the weekends/Deepavali holidays. Brothers were here too. And tell me about missing them now.

I wanted them to have fun till it lasts. Mama wanted to shop for her still-under-construction house. Papa wanted to play golf. Brothers wanted to play XBOX. Sister wants some steak and I wanted to plan on a wedding.

All of us practically achieved it all despite the blinking tank of energy. Do you get me?

They arrived late Friday noon and we chose to meet up at Pavilion. I forgot the fact on the MIFW madness hence affecting traffic around the parking lots. Therefore, valet it is. why waste so much time and energy and petrol when it’s just equivalent to the price you pay for valet parking?

Being tired after rounds of washing and cleaning (family sleeping over my sweet lil apartment) there was some shopping around with mom. In heels. i just had to. At first i thought of getting something for myself courtesy of mom but it just stopped me since i need to be more focused on my wedding then my constant wants than needs purchase (a better way to call shopping, right?) Thankfully, Mr. Fiancé was there so i needn’t have to cut myself into two in order to be at two places. He followed Papa and i followed mama.

Saturday was another hectic day. I started my day off waking up at 6am to send Papa to KGSAAS for his golf tournament with HRH Raja Perlis. Chauffeuring early morning was not a great idea. I returned home with lemongrass, eggs and pandan leaves for a good ol nasi lemak. Mama was so kind to clean a little bit of my blackened ceiling fans. It really surprised me since all the cleanings in our Penang house is all done by Kakak (my maid). By 11 we moved to our plan that day. Wedding dress hunting.

I was grateful for my cousin Tina for sharing such info on a wedding exhibition located at SACC, Shah Alam. It was really resourceful. I found my dress-maker there too. Love at first sight, I’m telling you! It was the dress I’ve always point out to my fiancé. Beautiful and reasonable and comes in a good package. Problem was, Papa’s approval. The dress, the price. So after lunch, we came by again and he swiped off the deposit. I love you Papa. Thank you for the beautiful dress. Alhamdulillah, with the financial help, I have a great dress maker. Mama and Aunty Nor, thank you for convincing him too.


Okay, one point ticked. Hundreds to go.

So when the wedding department is settled. Yes, it’s just one part of it but, at least.

We later went to Carat Club (now known as Suen), Bangsar. I’ll blog again on the name. Mr. Fiancé wanted to check on our ring designs and confirm our purchase. I’ll always fall in love with the ring designs. Mama was excited too. She tried on an RM100k bracelet and I tried on a RM54k ring. Beautiful. The design was stunning. It looked beautiful on my ring finger. Mr. Fiancé and Papa agreed too. But if it was RM5400, then it’s a maybe purchase, right sayang? The joy of trying expensive jewelleries just lit me up. Even it was obviously out of our radar let alone mine. Once Mr. Fiance confirmed his purchase we moved on to our next destination.

Another point ticked. Thank you in advance for the wonderful gift. I’m not talking about the ring. It’s you and the journey we’re walking. Thank you. (I know i’m rather corny and cheesy but i just can’t help myself for being grateful, sorry girls)

We toured the area where mr hubby & wifey to be will reside. Alam Budiman, Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam. Sadly, Papa does not really approve the location since it’s further from workplace and the area is really far. But he agreed with me on the lovely setting of the house. There’s so many what-ifs. So, I’ll need to scout for home. Again.


We visited In-Laws –To-be and then to find for Mama’s new bed. Believe it or not, if i’m a car i’d be screaming for more petrol and i almost dozed off to wonderland there but Mama was still full of fuel. Goodness, what kept her going? The excitement of shopping unlimitedly? Maybe. Later that night, both Mama and Aunty Nor still had the extra energy to keep on gossiping and chit-chattering. I was as “lembik as a sotong”. They could just talk about my wedding preps on and on and in between i just slept beautifully.

Yesterday was another day.

Mama wanted to get Papa’s approval on her pick of bedroom furnitures. After super-delicious breakfast at DMango we headed to the furniture mall again. And Mama was just like me. So gleefully happy she got her dream bed!

Mama, now, we’re two happy girls. Oh, Elly got her steak too. That makes us three happy Zubir girls.

My family left after that. I can’t lie that i cried. I’ll miss them but i’ve got things to do here. It’s what i chose and i can’t turn back, unless. I don’t call it ego but others would.

So last nite i zombied out. Panda-eyed, I’m here at work but i had my beauty sleep and i can’t stop smiling til today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i found this ridiculously crazy/lovely quotes on twitter by @ihatequotes

can't help but sharing this with you guys. it's just super-lovely

here's ten of my fave's (it's definitely not in order of preference)

"run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must, but never give up" dean karnazes
it's better to love someone you can't have, then to have someone you can't love
relationship that is good for you is the one that teaches you to be maturer, patient and a faithful lover.
every relationship has its problems. what makes it perfect, if you still want to be together when things really suck
"run from anything that gives you evil thoughts. but stay close to anything that makes you want to do it right" rick warren
what most of us needs is a hug, a kiss, an exchange of words and someone to tell us that everything will be ok
everything is beautiful, it only depends on how we look at it. everything includes love and life
there's a reason why a heart breaks. it breaks because it needs to be put back together by the right person
love what you do and people you do it with. For every lesson and experience in our lives is shaped by something or somebody
"if something's bound to happen, it will happen. right time, right person for the best reason" - aristotle


Monday, October 25, 2010


its my second post on this beautiful blog.

i lost my 2kgs for the last three weeks of no-rice diet. yes, i actually did it and i love how my fiance supports me with this. insyaAllah i'd like to achieve my goal but i have this cravings for sugar lately. can't avoid it so i'm compromising a bit.

i'm in search of a new place. a second home after this barely one year old apartment. omg! i should be happy with this fact. i've my own apartment! a fact that i've missed out when i'm long gone un-blogging myself. this new home should shelter the three of us, my fiance / husband-to-be, me and sister. Yes my sister will be with me until she graduates and works and until someone weds her (6 years ore i bet), she'll be under my ketiak :)

However i'm torn. I can't decide on where to move. Shah Alam or still be in busy Damansara. Believe me when i say i love my place now. Its so much effort (even though now it's kinda messy since i'm in no mood to be squeaky clean) and i don't feel like leaving. However, it seems like it's no option since we're limited on space. i need more space. Maybe 3/4bedrooms, a bigger kitchen and a space to place my dryer and washing machine, or perhaps a little garden. Perhaps, i'll blog more on this afterwards.

Uhh.. i'm such a mess. I haven't even progress in the wedding department. Wait let me count. 19weeks to go?!