Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dusty dusty

its been awhile, right?
come lets start counting? half year!
dont blame me. c'mon blame my lazy me for not having enough time, internet connection and being really caught up being a bride (then) and wife (now)
i never knew being a wife was like having a fulltime job that you've signed up and cant resign as you like. you took the job cos you love the boss and how are you to let that go?
okay.. im here to announce my comeback in this blogging industry.
i plan to share on my past wedding preps, my daily rumbles, and i might share recipes to share with u girls (and guys), my crazy cravings for good food, and reviews on spa, shoppings, mani pedi and whatever u get on the cheap coupons. what else? i have a few upcoming projects and seriously im kinda liking my fulltime housewife position BUT i think it wont be long till i found my real forte.
so here's for now, HELLO again!