Thursday, September 22, 2011


Honeymooning? What does it really mean? Going on a holiday with your husband/wife you just wed? Is there actually a guideline? Should it be domestic? Or should we go overseas?

Somehow i find most people race to have the greatest honeymoon destination. Well, seriously if i had the fund, i'll go around the world like Prince William and Kate. Or what if i go to North Pole, i be tno on would go there right?

After my wedding, i did go on a honeymoon (with 10 others that is) to Cameron Highlands. The last time i went there was probably 10 years ago or more with my parents. And going there again with a new family sure could be a joy (or not, depends). In my case it was rather on the positive side. FIL got us 2units of apartment and it was huge! 3 rooms a living room and a kitchen we made dinner with our harvest which were mostly green.

Our trip to Cameron were mostly filled with Strawberry picking, shopping for more vegs and fruits. There were great picks like homemade jams too. And we visited the Museum which i find amusing. We also went and visit the Boh Plantation. And (let me be a bit bimbo-ish here) but omigad its so breathtaking. Please go there early in the morning cos its just serene! Food there is too good and with the surroundings and all, man i didn't wanna go back!

Seriously if you haven't been to Cameron in your life, please do because some gems are just hidden up there.

And now since 6 months ago, S and i are planning on a real honeymoon. Wait, honeymoon can be just anytime after the wedding right (be it immediate or not)? And now we're kinda torn with the destination.

There's Europe, which is wayyyyyy out of the budget as we're looking at probably RM25k budget as i'd like to show hubs where i've been before and perhaps to Scotland, Holland, Italy, France, Barcelona, and etc. Aussie, probably i'd need about RM10-15k. If i plan for Umrah RM12-15k. What if i go Bali? That might be about RM5-8k? Phuket should be RM3-5k. But I'd like to go to Universal Studios in Singapore too... and that'd be about RM3-5k.


Yes it's a HUGE budget because I'm just being cautious in case i go mad, shopping wise and i'd like to be comfortable accommodation and transportation-wise.

But back too reality, i've a small fund for honeymoon as there a dozen other things i've to put forward like baking classes, a new house, a new ride, a new project. You know? Maybe i should do a write-up on the reality world after a grandeur wedding. Then i might be able to help tame those bridezillas.

Ok let me start calculate or google-ing on my next budget honeymoon destination. Or start on a new saving for travelling!


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