Monday, October 25, 2010


its my second post on this beautiful blog.

i lost my 2kgs for the last three weeks of no-rice diet. yes, i actually did it and i love how my fiance supports me with this. insyaAllah i'd like to achieve my goal but i have this cravings for sugar lately. can't avoid it so i'm compromising a bit.

i'm in search of a new place. a second home after this barely one year old apartment. omg! i should be happy with this fact. i've my own apartment! a fact that i've missed out when i'm long gone un-blogging myself. this new home should shelter the three of us, my fiance / husband-to-be, me and sister. Yes my sister will be with me until she graduates and works and until someone weds her (6 years ore i bet), she'll be under my ketiak :)

However i'm torn. I can't decide on where to move. Shah Alam or still be in busy Damansara. Believe me when i say i love my place now. Its so much effort (even though now it's kinda messy since i'm in no mood to be squeaky clean) and i don't feel like leaving. However, it seems like it's no option since we're limited on space. i need more space. Maybe 3/4bedrooms, a bigger kitchen and a space to place my dryer and washing machine, or perhaps a little garden. Perhaps, i'll blog more on this afterwards.

Uhh.. i'm such a mess. I haven't even progress in the wedding department. Wait let me count. 19weeks to go?!



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  1. hi dura!! 2kgs in 3wks? amazing!! i've been subconsciously gain more and more weight nie (taktau laa maybe due to studying??) plus the 'good' winter with lots of snow etc etc..which in the end, tend to eat more!!! anyhow, just avoid rice n anything else special? i know how u lurve yr gym thingy...good for u and defo great for the dream dress! keep it up!!