Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dress hunting

Yesterday was wedding dress scouting day. so i set up my cousin Tina and sister Alisa for the entourage.

My choice of place to start. Section 7 Shah Alam. Why? Its because i adored the ALTELIA AMANI dresses which i personally think would so much suit me for a wedding dress. Price wise RM899 and above. So i thought "oklah still buy-able?". Then when i drop to their shop, i fell in love with a grey/silver dress and what more, masuk and ask la the price. Believe it or not, it's retailed at 20k!


Really? But i can't deny the beautiful detailed dress which obviously made me glued to it. It's just me and personal detailings..the jewels and the droplets. Tak percaya please drop by their shop. You'll be in love. Tapiiiii.... there's a downside to this. The sales person? An Indonesian (i'm sorry but i'm not trying to be racist or whatever) she practically made face to us. Really? Okay, so i can't afford a 20 grant dress. I could if i did save up RM1,000 a year since i was 6. But who are you to judge? Can you personally afford it? Tak baik tau. I came to find my perfect wedding dress and you made me feel so bad. So Altelia Amani, even though i love your dresses, i'm sorry, but i don't like you now.

Then we went to Jakel. Which was next to the proud shop.

My, my... i love the laces and whatever kain they have but people, yang cantik semua RM1600 and above ye. For a meter. Sigh. All this while when i've been in and out of Bandung and Jakarta for my kain huntings, i'd never come across buying for my wedding. Why? Now dah susah kan? Seriously people, i have the exact kain which retailed at RM800 per metre and guess how much i got it for? RM600 for 4 metres. How cheap is that?

Tapi its undeniable lah yang i fell in love with a few kain-kain retailing at rm7200-rm15,200 per papan. They are selling it in papan cos a papan consists of 4metres of cloth. And if not mistaken, there's only a piece for each design. With that kind of price, i don't think i should dream BIG. it's just off my limits. it wont only burn a hole in my pocket but it'll burn holes in so many pockets :)

Then, to step into reality, we browsed for more kain. Laces and chiffons and silks at a reasonable price. Believe me they are just as pretty but difference was the detailings. Practically my bridesmaids were the ones who enjoyed the most. They got their pick. It was so easy for them. I wish choosing mine was as easy as that!

Time passes by so fast and by the time i looked at the time, we were practically in Jakel for almost 2hours. Window shopping sampai 2 hours? in a shop! These girls needed a break from colors and cloths. So we went for tea. Restoran Bunga Serai. And guess what i saw there?


Yes!!! Oh yes.. It's Hatta's couture boutique. And i'm here. It seemed so destined (is it? really?)
Percaya atau tidak, i felt nervous. Like interview nervous. Its meeting a designer whose about to design my wedding dress. Who wouldn't be nervous at this point of time. And all this while, following Hatta Dolmat's work of art from afar, i'm telling you, was very exciting to me. Teruja sangat. Memanglah i'm here to scout for the best design but it should be fair with the price. I would not want to flash 20k just for a dress. Bear in mind ladies, i've 3 dresses to make. Nikah, Reception and Bertandang.

My usual view of famous celebs/designers. Sombong. Or maybe fake. Worst still, both. Hatta? From my first impression. None. He's so friendly. Non-judgemental. Melayan je karenah Tina and I. (Oh forgot to mention a fact, Tina forced me to climb the stairs of Hatta Dolmat cos when i was having tea, my eyes were super-glued to their display window but with zero guts to go. Takot mahal ke tak mampu ke, you know?)

While brainstorming him what i expect for a dress, and how the wedding is like (which i'm still cluesless about) Hatta actually started sketching for me. Yes! For miss sayangness. At this point, i felt so good with such a progress (since i felt down when i haven't started planning). Maybe 10% in the planning process. 90% to go.

Then i missed a point. I had a 4metre cream lace from my engagement hantaran to be turned into a lovely piece of dress; reception or solemnization? What do you think? And he drew another and another until there was practically 5 pieces for me to choose from. Jealous tak? Don't be. He's such a darling, he'll feed your needs.

Then when mr.fiance, my sister & bf came. Lagi lah bertambah rancak sampaikan encik Hatta tak mampu melayan. (Sorry ye Hatta, but i love my entourage!) We looked through lots of he's pieces, i tried on his 3metres veil which i love so much (please , i nak pakai cam princess boleh tak?) and then it was past 7. Two hours with Hatta and it was uber-bliss. There was a lot of nasihat and tips (no charges ok!) and he practically filled up my wedding planner spot. He scribbled some note on a paper and there you go. My confuse mind is untangled.

Again, thank you Hatta. I'll take note of what you said. And definitely will get a book for my wedding planning :)
See you soon.


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